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About Core Body Connections

Core Body Connections is Pilates Studio where we integrate other methodologies (like the Franklin Method) to enhance your movement quality. We have a small, intimate studio that has plenty of space for solos, and duets. You will never feel like you are lost in the crowd because there is only one session going on at a time. You won't have to hear over someone else's instruction. My intent for each session is to provide my client's the most present, open hearted and kindest instruction I am capable of.

Please contact with any questions regarding pilates sessions Core Body Connections, my services or any aspect of our Pilates studio.

How to Contact Us

CBC studio is located at: 671 Oak Grove Ave, Suite F, Menlo Park, CA. My hourly rate is $90.00. Duets are $50.00 per person. Call me: 408-348-3428 or

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There are two teachers working at Core Body Connections

Maxine Walmsley:
Michiko Wade;

Michiko Wade

Completed her pilates training with Physical Mind Institute. She trained with internationally recognized pilates master trainer: Tom McCook. He saw her potential and hired her to work at his studio. She still works and trains for Tom on a part time basis but has come to the studio to develop her own business.